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What Not To Worry About #43

What Not To Worry About #43

Happy Thanksgiving Day to my transatlantic pals!! I hope the turkey is tastin’ good and the gravy turned out a tad thicker than aul Trump’s hair. I am playing American myself this evening and hosting some friends for my own Friendsgiving dinner with an Irish twist (no marshmallow on sweet potato thank you very much – absolute sacrilege) but most of all I am excited to try making bread rolls for the first time (and wine!), please pray that they turn out well!

It seems that the festive season is among us now whether we like it or not. The city Christmas lights have been switched on, the markets have been opened and the TV adverts are making us weep in to our dinners. And do you know what? I think I’m OK with it. Maybe because I’ve been abnormally organised and have ticked off half of my gift list (who even is this person typing this?!) and now I’m just patiently waiting until the 1st December when I can move my couch from the door that leads to the cupboard under the stairs where all my decorations are stashed.

I’m feeling just a little bit excited about untangling the never-ending stream of tree lights (and cursing them when I see there’s even more broken than the year before). Covering myself in bits of tinsel while blasting the Christmas music through the house which Andrew will undoubtedly turn down and then I will turn back up again. Unearthing decorations I completely forgot about and then go out and buy even more because there’s never enough. Making my own wreath at the dinner table and covering the house in pine needles. Rediscovering my love of red wine (but not the hangovers). Making hot whiskeys for my guests. Baking gingerbread that permeates through the house like a warm hug. Holidays are comin’ folks!

However you may feel about this time of year, there is no denying that there is just a little bit of magic in the air. The crisp wind bites around our ears and noses as the stars twinkle above us well before we go to bed. The little moments become more meaningful; a cup of tea that warms us up perfectly, a catch up with a mate you haven’t seen in ages, wriggling in to clean flannel PJ’s after a hot bath. Comforting in the smallest of joys is my favourite thing about winter.

Here are a few things I am letting go of this week…

People who put their decorations up in November – usually I give off about this because I am always afraid of being burnt out my Christmas before it even arrives but there is a wee sneaky glee when I’ve been driving past houses shrouded in festive spirit. The people who celebrate Christmas a little early tend to be the one’s that go hell for leather too – wonderfully tacky reindeers and Santa’s and elves. I always wonder, how much is their freakin’ electric bill?! I am old.

A cough that just won’t quit – I have had the most annoying cough the last few weeks and I have had to sleep propped up like a pensioner otherwise I bark all night which is no fun for anybody. The doctor diagnosed me with tracheitis and said I just have to “ride it out” which is exactly what you want to be prescribed, isn’t it? I’ve been trying ginger tea but if anyone has any other wee old wive’s cures then hit them this way please!

Being a wife – now I know I am not a wife but there might be a chance that I will some day and that terrifies the crap out of me. Will I suddenly have to don an apron and be responsible for keeping a tidy home? Being a Mrs. also sounds really weird too and reminds me too much of being a middle-aged teacher. A feminist manifesto from the 1970’s resurfaced in this article and I loved how relevant it still is for modern wives – they have to be everything to everyone and that sounds bloody exhausting doesn’t it?

Saying no – I talked about the workshop I took part in recently that talked about different personality traits and I discovered, to no surprise, that I am a people pleaser. If you’re like me then this time of year can be a struggle because you want to be stuck in with everything but this can be exhausting. This year, while I relish in being around friends and family, I’ll also be sure to take a little time to myself too.

Struggling with words – sometimes writing this wee blog can cause me to feel insecure about my words, if they mean something or if they connect with anyone. Reading pieces like this make me fall back in love with writing again.


Enjoy the rest of your week friends!

What Not To Worry About #41

What Not To Worry About #41

Hello friends! How are we feeling this Monday? There is a definite nip in the air in the mornings isn’t there? I’m finding myself getting out of bed a little slower, with one foot out first, tentatively testing the floor to check it’s not too cold before retreating back under the covers for just a few more minutes. The clocks are due to go forward this Saturday so the mornings will be even darker and the bed will feel even toastier I am sure. I might just have to start treating myself to a warm porridge to lure me out, with lots and lots of honey of course.

I hope your weekend was a good one despite Brian trying to out-do Ophelia with more wind and rain! Shannon (my little sister) and I had trotted down to Dublin for the weekend but the weather made it pretty difficult to see where we were going never mind actually seeing the pretty buildings. Fortunately Dublin isn’t short of cosy pubs to dry off in so we spent a few hours warming up between dodging puddles so we can’t complain too much.

In spite of the weather we still had a ball exploring Dublin and most of all, enjoying the wee luxuries that came with staying in the Merrion Hotel, a pretty swish hotel in the centre of town. The stay was a birthday gift from Shannon and my Dad and it was so exciting to feel like an aristocrat for 24 hours; the doorman welcoming us in, the concierge delivering our suitcases to our room, a little birthday tart waiting for us by our bed (the dessert you filthy minx!). Of course this is not the life we are used to so we lapped up every second and took a million photos of it all because if you don’t Instagram it, it hasn’t actually happened right?!

The most stylish elderly couple walking arm in arm (I had to take a photo!)

Luckily the weather cleared up on Sunday and we went for a mosey around St. Stephen’s Green, admiring elegant couples and ivy clad walls. After making a final stop in O’Donoghue’s (the birthplace of The Dubliners whose portraits you can find hanging on the walls), we drove down to the Powerscourt Hotel to admire the estate and the hills, bracing the chilly winds for a few seconds to snap a few photos before running back to the car. It’s a beautiful part of Ireland, so rugged and wild it’s hard to believe you’re only a half hour’s drive from the city. We promised ourselves that the next time we pretend to be fancy we will do it in this hotel and run about the heather like we’re in a Brontë novel.

Our doorman

Alas, we are back to porridge today and with that in mind, I have another weekly roundup of the unnecessary worries that I am letting go of for good. Feel free to borrow some of mine or even better, tell me some of yours? Would love to know!!

Choosing ethical clothing – in last week’s post I mentioned taking a few photos with my pal Mel Wiggins who is an inspiration to anyone who is wanting to make more ethical purchases when buying clothes. Sometimes we can really stress ourselves out when we go shopping, worrying if we’re contributing in any way to an industry that exploits the vulnerable & impoverished. This is where Mel steps in and introduces businesses that are doing it the right way and who are producing beautiful clothing that will save our conscience. Have a look at her latest post for more information including the photos we took while dandering around the Argory 🙂

Providing Hallowe’en treats – I LOVE Hallowe’en so it’s no surprise that I thoroughly enjoy decorating the house a little in preparation for the little visitors that descend upon the house searching for treats. Last year Andrew put a sheet up on the front window and had a scary projector show which amused the adults way more than the kids so we’ll be keeping that tradition up this year. Also, I’m going to be trying my hand at these bad boys to try and shake up the usual habit of buying a multipack of sweets that I just end up eating myself anyway!

Repetitive breakfasts – I am so boring when it comes to breakfasts! I have the same thing almost every day; granola, almond milk and chopped berries. Now that we’re approaching the dark and cold mornings I have decided I am going to start making porridge although I haven’t made it in years. Is there a good receipt to use that you’d recommend? Who does the best oats?? It’s the type of thing I should be ringing my Granny for!

Lack of documentaries – I have loved watching Louis Theroux’s new ‘Dark States’ series which has provided an incredible insight in to working class poverty in America. The series has finished now but the new series of Blue Planet will be starting this week and I am so so so excited to hear David Attenborough’s grandfatherly voice coming out of my TV, sharing the most amazing footage of the deep blue. Hans Zimmer has provided the score for the series too so no doubt I’ll be an emotional wreck after each episode!

Having a poor bedtime routine – my bedtime routine is something along the lines of: take off make up (un)properly, brush teeth, take a book to bed in the hope that I’ll actually read it (and then end up scrolling through social media for a half hour) and try to have a normal conversation with Andrew before passing out. Not too impressive is it? Reading this article gave me new inspiration – and a good laugh too!!


Have a great week folks!! x

What Not To Worry About #40

What Not To Worry About #40

Happy Monday friends! As I write this, I am curled up on my couch, watching hurricane Ophelia whirl herself around my wee house making it creak like it’s about to take off ‘Wizard of Oz’-style in a matter of minutes. It’s a beautiful name for a storm that could potentially wreak havoc on an island that isn’t quite used to dealing with anything remotely tropical but we are used to rain, lots of rain, so despite meteorologists urging us to take the warnings seriously there is little chance that a few drops of rain and wind will spook us too much. I hope.

Before Ophelia greeted us she pushed some weird weather our way over the weekend; lots of mizzly rain with temperatures warmer than they had been for months. I had planned to meet an Instagram pal on Saturday to take some photos and was hoping the weather might clear a little. Alas we were forced to brave the drizzle and skipped around the Argory getting our toes thoroughly soaked in the process but in the end we came away with some very pretty snaps that I think made the trench foot worth it.

Mel and I became friendly over Instagram after I immediately fell in love with her writing. She writes a wonderful blog that is full of content that lifts you up and pushes you forward, championing women and their wide range of ambitions and dreams. Mel believes that if you are passionate about something then you should let nothing stop you from pursuing it and has proven that herself in what she has accomplished. She was recently awarded an MBE for her work in anti-human trafficking, she organises seasonal gatherings to bring together local creatives hoping to make connections, she is raising two kids and on top of that she writes for her blog among other publications. Freakin’ wonder woman, right?

Online relationships are commonplace in our modern society but what is becoming even more common are the friendships that are formed through social media. Little communities are created among people who have a united passion, who want to encourage creativity in others and receive support for the work they produce which is predominantly shared online. Some of these friendships can be more fruitful and rewarding that those we have in real life and although we may never even get to meet the person behind the screen, it doesn’t make them any less valid.

Luckily Mel is only down the road from me but it really got me thinking of all the amazing people I have been able to meet through Instagram and the blog. By creating connections with people who inspire me and attending events like Mel’s gatherings or Emma’s retreat, I have opened up a whole new world for myself and forged friendships that maybe wouldn’t have happened if not for the online world. It’s a new age we’re living in and I feel damn lucky to be a part of it.

Now, on to the worries I am letting go of this week. Here’s the weekly list for today, I hope you are reading it from a safe wee spot, preferably wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea warming your mittens…

Speaking the same love language as my partner – when I drove down to Kerry a couple of weeks ago with my pal Rebecca, we got in to a very deep chat about the different love languages that exist between partners and how couples should figure out their respective language in order to make the relationship work (deep I know but a road trip will do that to ya). Since then I came across this article and I found it fascinating and so eye-opening – definitely worth a read.

Making light of sexual harassment – I have been engrossed in articles relating to the Harvey Weinstein scandal since it emerged and what surprised me most was how unsurprised I was at the ability of a successful man to continually harass and abuse women for decades. Women are victims of this kind of harassment from such a young age it’s like we become immune and stop feeling shocked which in turn, only allows for this kind of behaviour to be acceptable. I read this piece on my favourite website and the comments moved and enraged me so much. Maybe the actions of this horrific man has started an important movement – who knows?

Confusing comparison with inspiration – sometimes when I read someone’s work, look at their beautiful photos or watch them talk I am filled with this feeling of despondence. I wonder to myself if I could ever achieve success like theirs and hate myself for comparing myself to them when in actually fact I should be relishing in being inspired. I should be taking notes or thinking how their work might better my own because being inspired by someone usually ignites the passion you needed to succeed in the first place. Lesson ongoing!

Wearing pumps – I think that ship has sailed now as I got my feet soaked at the weekend. Winter boots at the ready!

Dark mornings – I got up in the dark for the first time this morning which wasn’t too fun but what I have started doing is meditating right after my breakfast. I’ve been using the Headspace app and using a few minutes in the morning to relax and regroup before work. I’m hoping it’ll make the dark mornings a little easier to bear – worth a go for a few weeks!


Have a great week folks!




What Not To Worry About #14

What Not To Worry About #14

It’s Friday! A day we can bounce out of bed knowing we’ve just about made it! A day we can look forward to a big old glass of guilt-free vino! A day we internally plan an entire weekend of activities in our head only to be secretly glad when it rains and we can stay in our pyjamas! Yay!


I feel like a bit of a con this Friday to be honest because I was only back to work yesterday after a few days stuffing my face with pastries in Lisbon. Feeling real-life heat on my face whilst giving my thighs a good old work out on the hills of a beautiful city really lifted my winter soul. It got me all kinds of excited about spring and all of the good things it brings along with it e.g. longer days, daffodils and, most importantly, outdoor drinking.




Landing home yesterday reminded me that warmer days might be a little while away but my optimism is still here. Little cracks of sunshine are enough to get me out of the house and lug around my camera to snap at any signs of life. I am even planning another escape to Dublin this weekend – I do have the times of it I know. I’m seeing Billy Connolly tomorrow with Mumma T and my uncle Pete (this is an actual bucket list event for me and I am fully prepared to reach hysteria at the very sight of the wonderful grey Viking) and then I am having a girls night with my #squad (yeh I’m too old to do that) the following eve. I will be depressed for sure on Monday morning.


What will keep me going is a mind full of positive thoughts this weekend as it always does so I’ve switched it up and I am listing a few different kinds of people who I am choosing to not stress me out this weekend. It’s usually a Monday post I know but I can’t type a post with fingers covered in pastry crumbs so I thought it best to leave it for a few days. I’m clever that way.


Here goes…


Patronising People

I thought that once I was an adult that there would be no more moments of being made to feel the size of a raisin. Turns out, patronising people are not ageist and there are still moments when I feel like screaming in to a pillow when someone corrects a mistake I didn’t realise was a big deal. Oh, I’m sorry that I don’t know anything about cars Mr. Mechanic but please do not look at my boyfriend with a “women, eh?” look when I am caught side-blinded with your jargon. Now fix that metal bit that makes a weird sound please so I can drive without fear of my life.


Airport People

Airports can be a tense place at the best of times and I have had recent experience of this. There’s folks who choose to forget that they can’t take litres of liquids on a plane with them and suddenly remember this as they attempt to excavate their entire hand luggage in the security line in front of me. There’s also people who insist on starting the boarding queue about a half hour before the plane which riles up all the other passengers. I need to forgive these people and chill out with all the perfumes in Duty Free.




Nasty People

You know the people who take great pleasure in the misery of others? I can never understand these people and I wonder if they could ever be truly happy if they can’t ever be happy those around them. It makes me a little sad but that would just be joining the sad gang and I don’t even wanna be in that gang.


Classy Women

The Audrey Hepburn’s, Grace Kelly’s and Jackie O’s of this world astound me. Elegant women can make me feel a little insignificant because I will forever be the ruffian who never seems to brush her hair and has holes in her clothes. I have learned to accept that I probably won’t ever look like a French woman on the streets of Belfast but that’s OK. Less pressure to look immaculate is probably a good thing.


Judgemental People

Yes I will be having that second cupcake Martha and please refrain from looking at me lengthways in the process. The judge-y folks can be the worst but I choose to laugh off the stares when I land to my yoga class in decades old leggings and an old work hoodie. Being you is the one of the bravest things you can do and I will rock whatever ratty clothse I choose thank you very much.




And that’s about all the folks who I will refuse to let bother me this week – and maybe longer!


What kinds of people are you going to stop getting the better of you? Any tips on how you shrug off the negativity?




Live Wild & Free

Live Wild & Free

I was about ten years old when I accepted that I was different from other children. It was when I learned that having CF meant I wouldn’t have a normal future and that I would always have to be mindful of my health. I think being aware of my own mortality from such a young age encouraged me to be grateful for every moment that I had. Yes, it was probably a fairly big burden to have as a child but it instilled in me the wisdom to believe that life can be brief but beautiful.


A friend of mine lost her life this week and although I have always been aware of the shortness of my own life, it didn’t prepare me for the shock of losing a friend the same age. When someone has their health and lots of people who care for them, it’s difficult to understand how they can feel so alone and lost. Mental health is an enigma to so many of us yet 1 in 4 of us will suffer form a mental health related issue this year – why are we still struggling to understand?


A young woman taking her life has rocked my friendship groups and the community I used to be a part of in Australia. As they are united in grief they are united in knowing that life is not endless. It is fragile, fickle but above all it is fleeting.


My advice to anyone who has lost someone, or who is scared of the future, is this: let the fear wash over you for there is no fuel like it. Fear is what we need to live a life more wild and free. We are not meant to be confined to one path but to take many paths that we are lucky enough to have in front of us. Our hearts our there to be broken, our skin to be weathered and our brains to be exposed to as much learning as we can squeeze in to it. We have all lay in bed I am sure, terrified of the future and how little control we have but we have more control than we give ourselves credit.


The problem for most is change. Change can often be a scary thing which is what stops us from leaping from our singular path and in to another. We are creatures of comfort and afraid that we can never turn back. We can always turn back but what might be most surprising of all is that once we’ve made the leap, we won’t want to. Embracing change encourages us to accept the unknown and that is what can free us.


If you feel like you are lost or alone please look around you. Not only are there people surrounding you who love you now, there are people who are yet to fall in love with you who you are. We make so many wonderful connections in our lifetime, connections that change and later define us as people. Humans are not solitary creatures. Enjoying our own company is hugely important but there is too much good within us all to be contained. We need to share the love we have and align ourselves with people who only make our light shine brighter.


So today let’s live wild and free. Be the you you want to be. Grab your coat and feel the wind batter you. Listen to a song that makes you dance like a mad thing round the house. Watch the sun rise with your morning cuppa. Tell your loved ones when you’re thinking of them.


Yes, life is brief but it is also flippin’ spectacular. And there is no burden in that.

If you feel like you might benefit from getting some advice from professionals or just want to have a chat, please follow this link which will take you to a list of really useful phone numbers and websites 🙂



What Not To Worry About #13

What Not To Worry About #13

Having blue skies all weekend is such a novelty in an Irish winter which is why I am still beaming after a big dose of vitamin D after the last few days. I feel like my brain has been bombarded with such negativity recently which, coupled with working in an office and hardly seeing a minute of sunlight, can feel like there is little good happening around me. We are living in a scary time but to be honest we always were before Trump got elected and escalated the craziness.




The amount of hate and fear that is being radiated across the world can feel overwhelming however this is not a time to bury our heads in the sand but instead arm ourselves with as much information as we can and engage. I know this weekly post of mine tends to focus on the positive but sometimes the bad stuff just can’t be ignored and I would feel like a hypocrite if I disregarded events that are changing our society.




What is pretty wonderful though is witnessing masses of people using their voices in cities around the world and even global corporations offering their help to the thousands of refugees who have been left stranded. In all of this darkness there can be a little light but it is up to those of us who have a voice to use it whether it be signing petitions, marching in protest or communicating our unrest to local politicians because, to quote Martin Luther King, there comes a time when silence is betrayal.




My light this weekend didn’t just come from the winter sun streaming down on our wee island. There was a wonderful breakfast in Baker Street on Saturday morning, a drive to Whitehead and an evening spent celebrating our friends buying their first house. I woke up to a world of mist yesterday which thankfully lifted and I was able to escape to Loughgall Park for a stroll with my camera. Breathing in the biggest gulps of fresh air and and losing the feeling in my fingers while clicking away was the highlight because it reminded me of the endless beauty that surrounds me and how lucky I am to see it.




This week there are a few things that I am choosing to not let worry me because there is enough already…


Pressing snooze on the alarm at least three times every morning

I have to set my alarm about a half hour before I actually want to get up because I have to let it ring three times. Even when I’m wide awake I will still lie there and wait for the third harrowing reminder that I have to leave my cosy cocoon and pretend to be a real-life adult.


Being Impulsive

I don’t shop all that often but there will be the odd time when everything I want on this earth seems to be in front of me (usually anything house-related). The worst place for this tendency of mine to get out of control is Sostrene Grene. I will more than likely walk out of that place with an armful of candles, napkins or more bowls that will look pretty on a table.


Not being able to whistle or wink

A big grievance of mine. I’ve tried to teach myself how to do both but I usually look like I am having some sort of spasm so it’s best I make peace with knowing that I will be a terrible dog-owner/creep and move on.


Buying the Sunday papers and only reading the magazines

To be fair I do read the Guardian website every morning because as I said above, educating ourselves on what’s going on around us is hugely important. However I tend to skim past the headlines of a Sunday paper and make a beeline for the magazines which ends up being a complete waste of money. I’m also left with piles of unread newspapers that I swear to Andrew that I will read and eventually have to throw out guiltily weeks later.


Having no sense of smell

Most of those who know me well are aware that my sense of smell is shocking. This works out very well for Andrew after he’s had a night on the broccoli because I can be sitting there completely oblivious to the fact that he’s stinking the house out. It can be annoying though when I have a night on the broccoli and think I’ve gotten away with a wee sneaky fart when in fact I’ve killed just about every living within a few metres of me. It’s both a blessing and a curse I suppose.


Anyway, big hugs to you lovely lot for this week. I hope it’s a good one and here’s hoping this is the week when it’s daylight when you get home from day at work! The day’s are fairly stretchin’!!






What Not To Worry About #10

What Not To Worry About #10

Happy Monday folks!


I hope you had a slow weekend filled with lots of tea and a fair bit of cosying underneath plenty of blankets. It was a wet one in these parts but we made the most of it with an impromptu road trip up the Glens of Antrim that ended with a night of games with friends in Portrush. It’s the unexpected nights that can be some of the best especially in the middle of winter and we fell in to bed at 1am wrecked and happy.


Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Sunday was a much slower affair and which was mostly spent mooching about the house in slippers covered in flour. I went full Mary Berry and baked scones, wheaten bread AND protein balls. AND made a batch of soup. AND made some jambalaya. Serious housewife skillz. We then had some friends round to try and offload as many baked good as possible before I hopped in the bath to wind down an already pretty peachy Sunday.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I’ve picked up the ‘What Not To Worry About’ series for 2017 and have chosen a few things I am choosing to let go of this week. Here goes…


Buying the most beautiful diary for 2017 and then only using it until February


Oh how I love to flip through the pages of beautiful diaries in Paperchase. I stand in the aisle for an age, convincing myself that spending a small fortune on blank pages will mean a future so organised and seamless that I will be sure to have my shit together by the end of the year. I start off with great intentions; I write weekly goal lists, monitor my daily intake of Haribo and remind myself of the things I was supposed to do yesterday. The thing is, I forget about the bloody thing after a month and it lies in my beside table drawer until the end of the year when I clearly do not have my shit together. Some people are fabulous planners and there’s people like me who try to be fabulous planners but will forever rely on scribbles on hands or on the memories of others. I try not to feel bad about it and instead I carry around a notebook that I can scrawl on instead of guiltily throwing away a beautiful diary that can’t even be re-used the next year.


Attempting to de-clutter for the New Year but spend hours cross-legged reminiscing over old photo albums and laughing at your terrible fashion choices


It is a known fact that when you begin to clear out old paperwork, unused body products you got for Christmas 5 years ago or trying (and failing) to create a capsule wardrobe for the thousandth time, you are instantly drawn to old photo albums that you “completely forgot about” since the last annual clear out. You will call out to everyone in your house to come and see how ridiculous you looked in your Tammy Girl halter top that you wore to your first disco and which you expertly coordinated with your Collection 2000 lilac eye shadow. You will take lots of photos of your phone to send to your mates or for a #tbt Insta upload. After a few hours of this you will realise that you have ran out of time to throw anything away and everything will be shoved back to their original pile until next year’s attempt.




Eh, what? Sure the Millennium was only the other year was it not?!! I remember it well of course since it was the year I played one of the lead roles in my P7 school play that was to be my farewell performance. I played the Narrator and I wore a silver top hat with matching waistcoat along with crimped hair (obvs) and comb-through hair glitter. Needless to say it was a great year for the arts but when I think of anyone born in 2000 I imagine that they’re still bottle-fed. I am coming to terms with being reminded that I am getting older along with everyone else and that I am doomed to forever look on in horror at the young things wearing denim hotpants. Kids these days.


Crying at children’s movies


Have you seen the Irish animated movie ‘Song of the Sea’? If not then you better get on it. I watched it when I was off sick late last year and I sat on the edge of the sofa with my eyes brimming with tears throughout. The film was beautifully hand drawn with the sweetest storyline and even sweeter music (the title track is sang by my girl crush Lisa Hannigan) that pulled at my Celtic heartstrings. Of course with the goddess Macha being an important character in the film and me being from Armagh (which  in Gaelic means “Macha’s Heights”), I was destined to fall in love. Please watch it when you have a moment to weep at something truly exquisite.


Shaving Legs

A highly unnecessary task in winter if you ask me. Now there may be some gentlemen reading who are not fond of the fuzzy leg but let me tell you when it comes to the depths of January and limbs are covered pretty much 24 hours a day then there is no point in subjecting ourselves to this godawful borefest. Don’t get me wrong, I do shave them… sometimes…like every other week or something so I’m not a complete ape underneath these skinny jeans but really we should enjoy the hairy moments while we can.


And that’s the line-up of useless things to give a crap about. I hope you are able to take this strategy through the week and let go of the unnecessary worries that might be weighing you down – a lighter mind is a lot easier to carry around!


Have a great one!