How the flip did it get to Monday so quickly?! The weekend seemed to be over in a blink of an eye and I’m now staring down the barrel of a week full of gatherings, writing and evenings spent crafting candles for the winter.

This week in the series of things I think we need to stop caring so much about, I’m focusing on the importance of mental wellbeing. Today is World Mental Health Day so it’s a good opportunity to take time to give ourselves a pat on the back for getting up on this dark, grey Monday morning and dressing up as responsible adults. It’s not always easy and we should all understand that’s OK to feel a little overwhelmed by the tiniest of adulting, especially on a Monday when we feel like delicate little flowers.

Here’s a few things I am choosing to not get me down or fester in the back of my overactive brain this week – or altogether!

Going to the gym just so I can eat a bowl of popcorn and not feel guilty – food is a huge motivator in my regime and I’m not afraid to share that

Hashtagging too much on Instagram – I only wish I could hashtag more but unfortunately for me (and fortunately for my followers) there is a limit

Filling every evening with activities – I give myself the guilts when I do nothing in the evenings other than cook dinner but I’m starting to realise that just hanging out with Andrew watching The Fall is just as productive as an evening crafting, baking or going out

Not changing the bed sheets every week –  I sometimes let this slide I admit but now we’re in to autumn and the days of drying outside are pretty much over, I try not to have a continual rotation of sheets hanging in the living room and feel like we live in a laundry

Being cheerful – I’m a pretty happy person the majority of the time but sometimes I don’t always feel like smiling or being super nice to everyone. We all try to be the best version of ourselves every day but putting on a mask can be tiring and it shouldn’t be a weakness to be true to yourself and tell people how you’re actually feeling. I’m not saying you should spill your guts out to the person serving you your lunch but maybe when you see a friend this week or a colleague in work picks up that you might be a little stressed, let them know if you’re not in the best of tune because there is nothing wrong with honesty.


I hope your week is a great one and maybe in the spirit of Mental Healthy Day you can try to be a little kinder to yourself, even for a day. Because if we’re kinder to ourselves we can be kinder to others and there is absolutely no harm in that 🙂


Have a great week!