What Not To Worry About #33

What Not To Worry About #33

Happy Tuesday friends!! I hope this week has started off well despite the extremely autumn-y weather we have been having. It really feels like summer is falling through our fingertips now although there is a part of me that’s looking forward to lighting the fire again and seeing the colours beginning to change. I am an Autumn baby after all!


The past weekend was spent down in Armagh catching up with old friends over a few pints and some blues music. Armagh has been hosting the 7 Hills Blues Fest for a few years now and it’s been such a great success in a town that has been encouraging more and more local festivals. It’s always good to return to my hometown but it’s even better when there’s an excuse to dance until the wee hours!


But in even bigger news, I have been asked to be godmother for my friends’ wee bairn! It is official: I am actually a responsible adult. Catherine and Phily welcomed Dara in to the world last Monday and I got the chance to hold the wee bundle on Saturday. He is beautiful and I was so chuffed to be asked – does this mean I am a proper grown up now??

Despite the positive things that are happening in my own world, there are still a few worries that I am letting go of this week. Here are a few of them…

Not doing enough of what I love

I love being outside and throughout the summer I had hoped to get hiking the mountains near home. Unfortunately the weekends have ran away from me and so I have been living vicariously through this woman who is my new hero.

Not being successful

I wrote a piece last week about the things that shouldn’t define us and I also read this blog post by the ever-fantastic Sara Tasker who spoke about how being successful shouldn’t always be monetary. It really is a great post that definitely helped me see things from a different perspective.

Not living closer to the water

I live within a few miles of the nearest beach so I really shouldn’t complain much but after living in Australia, I really miss getting my feet sandy every day. Lately I have been making more of an effort to catch the sunset on the beach closest to me and after reading this article, I understand more than ever how being by the water is food for the soul.

Planning holiday outfits

We’re off to Bali next week and I am already trying to break each day down to outfits and then subcategorising down to:

  • cute ‘aren’t I so bohemian’ beach outfits
  • sophisticated ‘look at me in this flowy dress’ dinner outfits
  • dressy ‘we’re going out-out tonight’ outfits
  • demure ‘I am a respectful lady’ temple outfits

It’ll be a miracle if I am able to whittle all of these potential looks in to one suitcase!

Not sleepwalking when we’re on holiday

I used to sleepwalk a lot when I was a child (which thoroughly freaked out my parents) but it doesn’t happen quite as much as I’ve gotten older. However it seems to happen when I am in a new place and I remember waking up when I was inter-railing trying to get out on to a balcony in Krakow – not good! If you have any sleepwalkers in your life then reading this article might help you handle them a little better. Here’s hoping I don’t go off on any midnight danders in Bali!


Have a great week!

22 thoughts on “What Not To Worry About #33

  1. That’s a cool idea writing about what worries you. I was a sleepwalker too and woke up in some very strange places over the years. Thank God I seem to have stopped lol.

    1. Thanks Ana! Sort of still in shock that someone out there thinks I’m a real adult (I think we’re all pretending though!)

  2. These are definitely things not to worry about though I have also worried about not getting in any real hiking this summer. It’s been mostly raining here in MA, U.S.A. so I haven’t been able to hike but I’m looking forward to fall when I really start to enjoy my hikes while watching the leaves fall and change to such beautiful colors:)

    1. Oh I would love to visit that part of the states in the autumn, the colours must be amazing! Fingers crossed you get some warmer weather for plenty of hikes before winter! x

  3. Water is food for the soul. …love that Alex! Can’t believe Dara got a mention , I’ll be keeping this to show him…especially when you go on to become an international best selling author. As always a great wee read – look forward to next week’s installment …

  4. I’m such a worrier, and take on everyone’s problem as my own and I really need to stop doing it and chill out a bit more. I really should think about the things not to worry about rather than worry about the things I have no control over

    1. It’s so difficult to not take on other people’s problems and just concentrate on on our own selves. Good on you for trying to let go of all of the unnecessary worries!

  5. Lovely idea to write down your worries, I share some of them, especially getting out walking and being by the sea, we live so close but there never seems to be enough time!

    1. Time is always an excuse but even a few minutes walking along the sea seems to pick me up – we should always make time for those wee moments!

  6. Writing has always been an escape for me . I was thought at a very young age to keep a diary of my thoughts ; I still do to this day. It’s definitely a huge help to see what’s worrying you and how much time you’ve spent worrying over it too.
    Great perspective and a great post .

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