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Kilmore Quay AKA The Cottage Capital Of Ireland

Recently we spent a few nights in Kilmore Quay, a quaint fishing village on the Co. Wexford coast that is bursting with cottage charm. We had chosen to use the village as a base since we wanted to visit the Saltee Islands but hadn't anticipated just how picturesque it would be (or how much I would want to move there!)

Thatched cottages line the small road leading to the marina and if it wasn't for the electrical poles, I would have almost believed that I'd suddenly travelled back in time. Most of the cottages date back to the 19th century and give a rare insight in to how Ireland would have looked centuries ago with white-washed stone walls and tiny fishing boats bobbing in the distance.

We dandered down lanes while I attempted to choose a favourite and Andrew showed as much interest as any guy from Armagh would (he tried his best, bless him). With the sea sparkling in the distance, we walked towards the harbour.

The marina is still a thriving fishing hub and provides the perfect opportunity to people-watch as the boats arrive back with their bounties and the fishermen haul their catch on to the supplier's trailer. The seafood here is as fresh as you can get it and not wanting to miss out on tasting the local goods, we headed to Mary Barry's for dinner.

Kilmore Quay scallops, black pudding and apple sauce
Lobster and crab salad

This was definitely a meal to remember! The flavour combinations were so delicious and the lobster was phenomenal. The servings at Mary Barry's are typical of Ireland i.e. MASSIVE and somehow we managed to cram in desserts too. We were like a pair of stuffed geese waddling back to our Airbnb which was conveniently a few doors down and was, you guessed it, a thatched cottage!

We spent two nights here and while the outside was beautiful, unfortunately the inside needed a lot of updating. It looks like the host has sold the property so I hope it falls in to good hands and gets the update it so desperately needs. If you still fancy checking it out, you can find it here although be warned, it definitely wasn't one of our favourites.

A day trip to Kilmore Quay is worthwhile for anyone who adores cottages as much as I do and is the perfect way to spend a morning before making a trip out to the Saltees. The town offers plenty of places to eat and grab snacks before heading to the islands, to find out more check out the village website here.

So, which cottage is your favourite???

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