Mother's Day Post: Part 2 - 10 Signs You Are Becoming Your Mother

After a weekend with constant sunshine it's no surprise I'm feeling a little depressed this Sunday evening. Setting an alarm for another week of work is enough to fill anyone with dread but I can't help but feel content too after such a happy few days. We couldn't have been luckier with the weather and it was a perfect chance to spend some time outdoors and take that Mum of ours out for a dander in the sun. When I spend time with my Mum these days I find more and more habits and idiosyncrasies of hers that I have slowly started to inherit. It's enough to scare the bejaysus out of me when I start to snort like her or correct other people's grammar but it's nice to know there's a part of her in the woman I've become. Even if that part can be a cynical nag at times. To finish off Mother's Day I thought I'd share a few signs that you too are turning in to your ma. Try not to let it worry you - it happens to all of us so we might as well embrace the moments of walking in to rooms and forgetting why we're there (it was probably to make yet another cup of tea). Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and here's to turning in to the women we love most!

10 Signs You're Turning In To Your Mum

1. You Hold Your Phone a Metre From Your Face To Read Messages

I have caught myself doing this so many times when I'm trying to read a message and I also do that super-attractive face-thing where I pull the corners of my mouth down. It doesn't even matter if I have my glasses on - it's just a natural state I find myself in when scrolling through Instagram. 2, You Make Sandwiches for Journeys My Mum would have had no qualms about sending me off to the airport with a load of ham sandwiches wrapped in cling film when I was headed off travelling. She knew rightly that I probably wouldn’t eat them after they were squished within 5 minutes but it was just an extension of her looking after me. I find myself making wee snacks for long journeys now just in case I find myself in the wilderness and fancy a hob nob – you can never be too careful. 3. You Wear Your Glasses on Your Head and Forget They're There My favourite moments are when my Mum walks around looking for her glasses when they’ve been on her head since she put them there to make tea. I don’t tell her of course because the entertainment is just too much. 4. You Make Excuses for the State of the House 9 times out of 10 I’ll walk in to my Mum’s house and she’ll try and excuse the disarray (even when there’s no real mess) because she’s in the middle of some recent deep clean. She takes herself on these notions of gutting out all the cupboards and then gets bored halfway through when she suddenly finds old school reports she knows have always been there. The women has the attention spat of a gnat (but I do love her). 5. You Call Your Children Every Name but Theirs Now, I know I don’t have children but I couldn’t help but put this in here since I’m sure everyone can identify with it. When we were growing up my Mum would shout for me but come out with my sisters'/dad’s/cousin’s/postman’s name before getting to mine. I couldn’t help but feel slightly wounded when after getting through all those names she still couldn’t get to mine. Definitely something I still carry around with me. 6. You Become Petrified of Being a Car Passenger Anyone else’s Mum make them feel like Schuhmacher when they’re a passenger in the car? My Mum does this whole dramatic door grab act when I’m turning a corner even though I’m only doing 25mph around a roundabout. Drives me bananas! 7. You Drink At Least 10 Cups of Tea a Day I have timed my cups of tea to an art form which is something I have definitely inherited from Mother Dearest except she has a good 8 – 10 cups a day in comparison to my 4. I actually don’t think the woman drinks any liquid other than tea which makes me a little afraid that she’s slowly turning in to a used teabag. 8. You Overfeed Any Visitor Especially male visitors. Having brought up three girls my Mum thinks that men must eat twice as much and forces them to eat everything she has in the house. What she doesn’t realise is that one of her daughters (me) eats just as much as a man. I find myself doing this now though – I’ll insist on feeding anyone that comes in to my house even if it’s just to deliver a leaflet. Definitely an Irish mammy thing. 9. You Hide Evidence of Snacking As a child my Mum would have never have had a sweet tooth – something she always prided herself on. Fast forward twenty years and she’ll now easily inhale a whole tray of cupcakes and wash them down with a Fanta. It’s gotten so bad that she’s now taken to hiding the evidence for fear of ridicule. I am guilty of hiding this little habit too though – don’t open my car door because there will be mountains of sweet wrappers that will fall on to your feet. 10. You Don't Care About Looking Like a Stalker If I miss a call from my Mum and don't call her back within a half hour I'll usually get a text followed about another 5 calls. The poor woman instantly worries and doesn't give a damn if I might be in a meeting or driving my car. We've tried to tell her that when we're free we will call her but I don't think that'll ever get through. At the end of the day it's only because she loves us and how lucky are we that our mothers love us so much that they just can't wait to hear our voice?
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  • Alex Donnelly
    4 years ago

    I secretly enjoy it when I turn all Theresa for a wee second! xx

  • Debby
    4 years ago

    Hahahah. It's a mother's revenge you know, to watch our daughters turn into our selves. You should see my poor Kaity (right on down to the sensible shoes!) But there are worse things you could be, like a lampshade. Just relax and let it wash over you because you can't fight it. It's genetic. And a big happy birthday to the gorgeous Big T. Long may she reign!

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