What Not To Worry About #13

Having blue skies all weekend is such a novelty in an Irish winter which is why I am still beaming after a big dose of vitamin D after the last few days. I feel like my brain has been bombarded with such negativity recently which, coupled with working in an office and hardly seeing a minute of sunlight, can feel like there is little good happening around me. We are living in a scary time but to be honest we always were before Trump got elected and escalated the craziness. The amount of hate and fear that is being radiated across the world can feel overwhelming however this is not a time to bury our heads in the sand but instead arm ourselves with as much information as we can and engage. I know this weekly post of mine tends to focus on the positive but sometimes the bad stuff just can't be ignored and I would feel like a hypocrite if I disregarded events that are changing our society. What is pretty wonderful though is witnessing masses of people using their voices in cities around the world and even global corporations offering their help to the thousands of refugees who have been left stranded. In all of this darkness there can be a little light but it is up to those of us who have a voice to use it whether it be signing petitions, marching in protest or communicating our unrest to local politicians because, to quote Martin Luther King, there comes a time when silence is betrayal. My light this weekend didn't just come from the winter sun streaming down on our wee island. There was a wonderful breakfast in Baker Street on Saturday morning, a drive to Whitehead and an evening spent celebrating our friends buying their first house. I woke up to a world of mist yesterday which thankfully lifted and I was able to escape to Loughgall Park for a stroll with my camera. Breathing in the biggest gulps of fresh air and and losing the feeling in my fingers while clicking away was the highlight because it reminded me of the endless beauty that surrounds me and how lucky I am to see it. This week there are a few things that I am choosing to not let worry me because there is enough already... Pressing snooze on the alarm at least three times every morning I have to set my alarm about a half hour before I actually want to get up because I have to let it ring three times. Even when I'm wide awake I will still lie there and wait for the third harrowing reminder that I have to leave my cosy cocoon and pretend to be a real-life adult. Being Impulsive I don't shop all that often but there will be the odd time when everything I want on this earth seems to be in front of me (usually anything house-related). The worst place for this tendency of mine to get out of control is Sostrene Grene. I will more than likely walk out of that place with an armful of candles, napkins or more bowls that will look pretty on a table. Not being able to whistle or wink A big grievance of mine. I've tried to teach myself how to do both but I usually look like I am having some sort of spasm so it's best I make peace with knowing that I will be a terrible dog-owner/creep and move on. Buying the Sunday papers and only reading the magazines To be fair I do read the Guardian website every morning because as I said above, educating ourselves on what's going on around us is hugely important. However I tend to skim past the headlines of a Sunday paper and make a beeline for the magazines which ends up being a complete waste of money. I'm also left with piles of unread newspapers that I swear to Andrew that I will read and eventually have to throw out guiltily weeks later. Having no sense of smell Most of those who know me well are aware that my sense of smell is shocking. This works out very well for Andrew after he's had a night on the broccoli because I can be sitting there completely oblivious to the fact that he's stinking the house out. It can be annoying though when I have a night on the broccoli and think I've gotten away with a wee sneaky fart when in fact I've killed just about every living within a few metres of me. It's both a blessing and a curse I suppose. Anyway, big hugs to you lovely lot for this week. I hope it's a good one and here's hoping this is the week when it's daylight when you get home from day at work! The day's are fairly stretchin'!! xx

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