What Not To Worry About #3

Hello Monday heads! I hope all of us manage to get out of bed now the mornings are a little colder and bed seems like the perfect place to be! I'm not a fan of the mad dash to towards my dressing gown and slippers but at least it's one of way waking me up a little faster! Entering winter can feel a bit daunting sometimes especially when it feels like the only sunshine to be seen is threw the office window but it's important to appreciate the things that come along with the darker evenings. Wrapping up in scarves and hats to meet friends with the cold biting at your ears and nose, cooking big batches of soup to see you through the week, hot chocolates by the fire - these are all the things I relish in the colder months. This week instead of bothering yourself about the silly things, plan something fun for yourself this Monday that will help you feel motivated for the week ahead. Maybe a wee yoga or meditation class, a coffee date with a mate you haven't seen in ages or a try out a winter recipe you've been looking forward to making? It's the small things that pick us up but we need to look for them, especially at the beginning of the week anyway! This week I'm not going to get worked up about.. Refusing to get rid of candles even when they have gone beyond their days of burning - I have candles strewn about my house even though there isn't a drop of wax left in them but because I spent money on them I treat them as ornaments (much to Andrew's delight). Leaving it to the last minute to get petrol - I've heard this isn't too healthy for your car but as a girl who hasn't even washed her car since she got it in January, I find myself constantly waiting until the moment the indicator has dropped below the red light. Every time. Never being able to find a decent pair of tights - How come I buy about twenty pairs every winter but in the morning when I need them most I can only find the pair with wee balls all over the legs and ladders at the ankles??? Never remembering faces or names - I'm so terrible at this and it's gotten to the point where I just nod and say "Aye I know them well". Breaking up my day with tea breaks - The only way I can make my way through the day is knowing exactly when my next cup of tea will be (blame my mother the tea addict). Take it easy this week and I hope it's a good one!
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I'm Alex, the writer, photographer and creator of The Full Shilling. I started writing as a way to share all my favourite places in Ireland and the list just keeps growing! My aim is that you'll find somewhere new to explore and you'll make some great memories along the way. Happy reading!


  • Alex Donnelly
    5 years ago

    Ok I have got to get on to these because I have absolutely no luck. I also need to learn how to throw old tights out though because I seem to hoard tatty pairs just in case I don't have any some morning. Terrible idea!

  • Grainne Duggan
    5 years ago

    Primark sell these really thick tights called super cosy or something. So do m&s, sort of like lined with fleece. They last forever, my mum mails them over to me. Go look! Xx

  • Alex Donnelly
    5 years ago

    Thanks Julie! Always great to get lovely comments to keep this going :)

  • Julie McKenna
    5 years ago

    Once again a great read Alex. You sound like a "Glass ½ full" girl......
    Looking forward to the next one !!

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