What Not To Worry About #4

Hello again Monday faces! How are the heads this morning? Did we all bounce out of bed ready for the week ahead? Not so much? Yeh me neither. As hard as I have tried over the years to become one of those people who leap in to upward facing dog as dawn breaks while sipping on my peppermint tea, I just haven't grasped the morning buzz yet. In reality, I drag myself from my cocoon after the third snooze leaving myself a half hour to rush my breakfast, figure out what I'm going to wear whilst getting pissed off that I have nothing to wear and having a quick chat with a semi-conscious Andrew. This week I'm counting the days down to the weekend which isn't necessarily a good way to start the week but I have a really good reason though! On Friday I'm being reunited with a dear friend of mine from Australia who I have missed since the day I left nearly two years ago. Holly is staying for a few weeks and we're kicking off her introduction to Ireland with a weekend in Cork and I am BEYOND EXCITED!!! I've booked a wee cottage on the beach a half hour from Cork City and I've planned for us to visit the Jazz Festival, take lots of drives to seaside villages and have plenty of walks on the beach followed by beers by the fire #priceless. With so much to look forward to, I'm keeping a big positive head on me and I'm choosing not to let certain things bug or worry me, such as... The last episode of GBBO - if you don't know the acronym then we have nothing in common, I'm very sorry. Man I am gutted that the show will be over soon but I guess I'm just going to have to Youtube all of Mary Berry's other shows so I don't go in to complete withdrawal. The appearance of Christmas paraphernalia in October - I am the Christmasiest person out there with so much festive cheer I have tinsel comin' out of my freakin' ears but I will not get on board with Christmas jumpers being sold alongside pumpkins. It's just a complete holiday overload and it is beyond ridiculous. Leave it until at least November folks. Cursing in front of the in-laws - I said shit in front of Andrew's Dad by accident on Saturday and I have died of embarrassment on the hour every hour ever since. As I said it I completely forgot the rest of my sentence as my brain glazed over in sheer horror. His parents are quite a polite pair while I was raised by cursing sailors. Although I usually mind my language around them, I guess I'm getting a little too comfortable which explains how my real choice of words came tumbling out of my mouth. He didn't acknowledge the foul word and I am going to try and not let that kind of thing stress me out so much in the hope they'll embrace my colourful language. Or maybe I just won't speak to them ever again. My eyebrows - they are a curly mess but yet I'm a lazy hallion with no desire to pay some woman £15 every few weeks to tame them. Instead I over-tweeze the life out of them and slather vaseline across them in the hope they might stay down for more than an hour. I really could just spend the money but what fun would that be? Having crap halloween decorations - unless I can count the cobwebs as decorations and pretend they're there on purpose? We live on a street with lots of children so I'll put the effort in with one pumpkin at the door. The scamps better appreciate it. Have a great week guys! Get lots of horror movies on the go, carve a few pumpkins if you feel like it and definitely eat all the sweets you bought for the trick or treaters. Sure they love oranges anyway!!
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