What Not To Worry About #5

Happy Monday folks! I have to admit, waking up in a cottage by the sea in Cork is not a bad way to start a week! We've been lucky to call this place home for the last few days while we've been enjoying the Jazz Festival and taking mini excursions before cosying up by the best log fire of all time in the evenings. It's been pretty wonderful! Andrew and I are firm believers in the importance of getting away for a few days to shower the head and completely unwinding from normal daily stresses. This doesn't mean paying out bucket loads for a city break or flying away but just packing up the car and taking off to a cottage somewhere that doesn't cost a fortune and definitely less than a night out in the city. This wee cottage in Cork has been a real gem and only cost us 90 euro for 3 nights - bargain! After a very chilled out weekend I feel refreshed but I'm fully aware that once I step back in to the house this evening I will start searching for things to stress me out e.g. no food in the house, have I got clean clothes for work tomorrow, blah blah shite. I think in the back of my mind though I'm conscious of a more important date that's coming up soon which is my sister's anniversary. On Saturday it will be 6 years since Amy passed and it's hard to say whether that time has flown or it feels too short. Grief is a weird thing and for me it can't be measured by time because it doesn't actually get easier, I think we just grow accustomed to the pain. I will be writing a post later in the week about how grief has affected me in my life because although I know no two experiences are the same, it's always nice to read that we're not alone in those moments where it all feels a little scary. This week I am going to go extra easy on myself because I know certain things might be a little more frustrating than usual. Here's a few I'm going to try out... Not calling my friends enough - I always get the guilts when I realised I haven't spoken to a friend in a while but the truth is I'm terrible on the phone. I much prefer frequent emails and then a good long catch up in person but I need to put my effort in with phonecalls. Cancelling a yoga class an hour after booking it - I do this at least once a month and give myself crap about it after. It's just so hard once I've had dinner and find myself barricaded with cosy blankets. Ain't my fault. Having chicken for dinner 3 nights in a row - Might be seen as a lack of imagination but I will choose to view at as a choice made by someone who just really likes chicken. Traffic Karma - I worry about being a bad person when I refuse to let the learners or the elderly out in front of me but the truth is I just don't have the patience to be a nice person on the way to work in the mornings! Expecting too much from myself - I am definitely going to apply this to my life more especially this week. Instead if I don't have the energy to cook or clean, I just won't that day. So, those are the things that I will refuse to get in to my head and fester in to needless worriment this week! What are the silly worries you're choosing to give up today? Would love to hear them! Have a super duper week :)
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