What Not To Worry About #32

What Not To Worry About #32

Happy Monday folks!

A new week is here and I am clinging on to this so-called summer with dear life. The sun has almost certainly been taking too many breaks behind the clouds and in the midst of an overcast-induced temper tantrum, Andrew and I impulsively booked flights for a holiday in less than 3 weeks. Yes, we are jetting off to freakin’ BALI people!! I am beyond excited and every day since I have woken up with butterflies just thinking of palm trees and crystal clear waters to swim in.

I promise I won’t torture you with too much gloating because I know a lot of you have already been and gone on your main trip of the year and are more than likely experiencing a very real case of the post-holiday blues. For this I would prescribe a weekend break in the autumn. Book it now so you have something, anything to keep you going until our Indian Summer arrives (she better). In the meantime try and enjoy the fact that it’s still warm enough to hear lawn mowers on a Saturday (my favourite summer sound) and there are still a few festivals happening to keep us occupied even if the rain clouds do decide to break.


Bali-madness aside, things have been pretty dandy in all other areas and I am determined to ride this wave of positivity for as long as I can because I know life ain’t always this easy. I tend to be not so great at letting myself enjoy the good times because there’s always that bitch on my back telling me that something is going to come along and screw the whole thing up (is this an Irish thing??). That bitch has been fairly mute recently and man it’s nice to get some peace. I am happy with work, happy with Andrew lecturing me on his newest philosophies (his newest one is that we are living in a simulation – no joke), happy with my friendships and happy with my car that has no exhaust or working driver’s window.

With this lucky streak in mind I have decided to add a few things to the list of things I won’t be worrying about. Check it out:

How wonderfully united Northern Ireland really can be
Belfast Pride took place on Saturday and the city was tarted up in exactly the way it should be for the festivities. Rainbow flags were adorned on buildings and business, balloons and glitter filled the streets. Gay marriage isn’t legal here yet and the fight will continue until it is but seeing a city so united in and inclusive of all people was so uplifting. Plenty of hope here!

Being a fridge control freak
I accidentally chucked out a slice of pizza that Andrew had been saving for his evening snack last night and almost died. I tend to gut out the fridge on a Sunday and just wasn’t thinking of the consequences of my actions apparently. The man barely spoke to me for a good hour afterwards and I quickly learned that no matter how old the pizza is YOU DO NOT THROW IT OUT BEFORE CONSULTATION. EVER.
People who don’t leave back shopping trolleys

I saw a friend post a Facebook status about this and couldn’t have agreed more. And then this article came in to my life and blew my mind. Return your trolleys people!

Never feeling at home
As a person who has lived in a fair few places since leaving my childhood home at 18, I struggle with the concept of home. I could dedicate a whole post to this but until then I give you this article. This piece of writing warmed my heart so much so that it felt like home in itself. And she talks about tea which is just about perfect for me.

Not having my own home
We rent our wee house and although it suits us for where we are right now, there are times that I would just love to rip everything out and renovate it as my own. It’s so difficult to add personality to house that you can’t necessarily to do too much to especially when you have a lemon-coloured bath suite (barf) but when I do have my own house I want it to look a little like this one.

Have a great week!!


38 thoughts on “What Not To Worry About #32

  1. Bali should be amazing! And in the trolley article why isn’t there a category for people who return their cart but also pick up spares along the way, b/c that is my style! I don’t tend to think too much about the people who leave ones behind but when I see loose ones in my route it just makes sense to collect them and make the way easier for everyone. Only if they’re in my path tho!

    1. You are such a do-gooder Rebecca! I can’t stand it when people leave them in empty parking spaces, drives me up the wall!!

  2. Oh you lucky things Bali is on my bucket list I can’t wait to read your blog about it (I am hoping you do one!!). Oh and epic fail about the pizza!!! haha!

    1. Intriguing wouldn’t quite be the word I would use to describe it Rhi! Haven’t a notion what the owners were thinking!

  3. What a great idea for a post. It is so good not to worry about the small things. Or the the things we cant necessarily control at a present moment. I hope you have a fab time away, it sounds amazing xx

    1. Thanks so much Tanita! It’s definitely a post I look forward to each week, always good to let go of the small things!

  4. Hey! My driver side window doesn’t work either, lol! And the summer here in the Eastern United States hasn’t been that great as far as the weather either. It just keeps raining. I have only been to the beach once this summer and I have yet to enjoy a good hike. But all in all I am enjoying the summer with my kids so Thank goodness for the small things:)

    1. Cheers to having no driver’s window Michelle! I know, the grey skies here have been a real drag but luckily the sun decided to come out today so I’ve been spending some time in the garden. Making the most of what we get here! Hope you get a little bit of weather before Autumn and one more trip to the beach at least!

    1. Thanks so much Kelly! You can definitely expect to see a couple of Bali posts, I’m sure I’ll not be able to contain it to just one 🙂

    1. Haha I need to consult now when I have my weekly purge!! Fingers crossed, there were blue skies here today so I’m hopeful!

    1. Thanks so much Suzanne, I really enjoy doing this weekly post 🙂 haha I will be a complete torture on Instagram when I’m away! Can’t wait though! xx

  5. Balimania! Can’t imagine how excited you must be as you will be travelling to Bali. Take me there please ! I tend to worry too on not feeling at home as I have been away from home since I was 13 years old.

    1. I am on complete itinerary mode Catalina – so excited!! And it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones who aren’t too sure where home is. Thanks so much for your lovely comments x

  6. No big summer trip here sadly but I’m with you on the idea of booking a little autumnal sunshine (sadly I’m not sure my bank balance would agree)
    I’m always getting into trouble for throwing things out – you’re not alone!

    1. Haha glad I’m not alone Colette! Even wee day trips are a good way to break up the weeks I find and discovering new places close to home sometimes feels like we’re a tourist!

  7. Bali is fascinating – we were there two summers ago – the rice terraces were something I’d dreamed of seeing since I was a child. The Balinese are just the nicest people too. x

    1. Oh Jacqui you have made me even more excited if that was even possible!! We will be spending a few days in Ubud close to the terraces so will be taking plenty of photos!!

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