What Not To Worry About #35

What Not To Worry About #35

Hello old friends. How have you been? Staying dry and praying for the long awaited Indian summer I hope? I’m sorry for the silence on this little space the last fortnight or so. I feel like an irresponsible parent as I have gallivanted across Indonesian islands with barely enough time to post on Instagram let alone write (and that’s sayin’ somethin’). Oh but what a time I had without fretting once about work or the blog or anything at all really (apart from where my next margarita was coming from which is a genuine reason to fret I think).


I have lots of stories to share from our time in Bali and the other wee islands we hopped across and there are hundreds of photos waiting for me to edit which is freakin’ me out a little I must say. More so because I’ll be constantly reminded that the holiday was real and not a dream and, more devastatingly, all over. The post-holiday blues are a privileged mixture of emotions because how lucky are we to even experience the longing for a place we were fortunate enough to even visit? But these emotions also remind me that I am a real adult with real responsibilities and real annual leave which only goes so far in accommodating my dreams of being a globe-trotting goddess.


So back down to earth I have arrived and with a bang, I’ll tell you. The rain was horizontally howling at me as I stepped off the plane in Belfast, taunting and teasing me as if sensing my immediate disdain for it. We arrived home and emptied our suitcases in to our tiny kitchen, swamping the floors so we could no longer see the tiles. My herbs have died too. I had asked my lovely (and untrustworthy it turns out) neighbours to water them while we were gone but instead we were greeted with a very sad-looking (and dead-looking) herbarium along with a note apologizing for forgetting to water them. They did leave us little welcome home gifts – a loaf of bread and a carton of milk in the fridge and so their thoughtlessness was instantly forgiven for their thoughtfulness. Although we’ll be asking Maureen to water our plants next time.


Aside from mourning my holiday and my rapidly diminishing tan, there really isn’t much that is greatly worrying me within my life at the moment. Of course there are the greater troubles in the world (global warming, the Great Pacific Garbage patch, Trump, countless wars, countless children that are needlessly starving across the world, families with no access to clean water, the inequalities and exploitation of vulnerable people as a result of the decisions of strangers) but this weekly post of mine focuses on not the big worries which we can attempt to improve in our own little ways (post on this coming soon) but instead on the unnecessary worries we have or the niggling thoughts that we torture ourselves with which serve no purpose other than to grind us down. We deserve better than to be our own enemy. We should always be on our own side, fighting our own corner and above all, liking who we are.


With that in mind, here are the few silly worries that I am letting go of this week…


The fact that the penultimate Game of Thrones is over

We watched the last episode in our apartment in Bali (I have no shame in admitting this!) and I’m now crushed at the thought of waiting a whole year to the next one. I need a new series to sink my teeth in to – suggestions please?! In the meantime I have my weekly instalments of GBBO that will tide me over for a little while more so because I adore Noel Fielding and fully appreciate seeing him in his patterned shirts making jokes about muffins.


Realising that I have to wait another 4 months before I can plan another holiday

After a trip to a TBEX conference in Kerry in October, my annual leave has been reduced to diddly squat. I have been dreaming what our next big trip should be and after reading this article, I have decided that it should definitely involve a road trip with me eating my way through the southern states. I already know that New Orleans will seduce me with her beignets and beads!



I am terrified of them and have this weird urge to throw myself of something high which both terrifies and fascinates me. When we were on holidays we descended a metal staircase attached to a cliff to reach the bottom where a temple was built in to the rocks. I was so scared because I could see through the steps to see the waves crashing violently below. I did it though and felt proud that I conquered another fear and then I read this article and thought: Dude must be mental.


Being crap at sticking to my goals

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions as it creates too much pressure especially in the peak of winter when just about everything is harder. I think September is the best month to revisit the goals I want to achieve and I’m not alone in this. Check this piece out for a little autumnal goal inspiration.


My photography skills

I always feel a little frustrated after a holiday because I worry that I didn’t take enough photos, didn’t really capture the moments that truly moved me when I was there. This holiday we both took so many photos, poor Andrew having to deal with me orchestrating so many for fear of missing a good opportunity – the man deserves a medal! However none of them compare to this amazing collection of travel photos that have inspired me to keep up the work and push myself even further.


Wishing you all a lovely week!!

35 thoughts on “What Not To Worry About #35

  1. Sounds like you had a great trip. I’ve given up hope of an indian summer this year. Yep, absolutely let go. I think this year’s summer ship has definitely gone and sailed. Here’s to next summer!

    1. I think you’re right Fiona, now indian summer for us this year! Let’s prepare ourselves for lots of brisk mornings and cosy evenings!

  2. wow how exciting to be exploring Indonesia I am planning a trip next year. I have just got back from Asia and looking at my 1000+ photos only a handful are actually any good so like you I also feel a little frustrated but I am getting better, it takes time so keep snapping away and enjoy making memories

    1. I know it’s a bit frustrating but even the ones that aren’t the best you had hoped for are still little snapshots of memories you’ll never forget. You just need to book the next adventure to try again!

  3. I love the idea of these posts 🙂 I’m with you on the heights, although I definitely don’t have a hankering to throw myself off anything high… that staircase sounds terrifying, go you! And, having just had a look at your instagram, I don’t think you have anything to worry about on the photography front!

  4. Well done you on conquering your fear of heights! I am TERRIFIED of heights, like literally go into melt down and can’t cope, but I did Go Ape recently and although there were tears, I felt amazing after!

  5. “Being crap at sticking to my goals” is definitely one for the books, its a nice idea to have goals and all, but having the discipline to actually sticking to them is super hard!

    1. Oh I know, we’re so lucky to live in such a friendly neighbourhood especially since we live in a city. Always so nice to know we can rely on those around us 🙂

  6. I love the thought behind this post! We’re all human and have worries, even if they aren’t “big” worries. I’m a worrier by nature and will be trying to let things go a little this week. Thanks!

  7. Your trip sounds amazing. Unfortunately the weather has just dramatically turned with lots of rain lately but your probably feeling it more. An Indian summer would be fab. September/October there is always a glimmer of hope.
    Also, your photos are also beautiful so you have nothing to worry about. I never thought I had a height fear until I did go ape and struggled.

  8. We loved Bali too. It was amazing. I don’t think we’re going to see even a hint of Indian summer. I’ve got my winter wardrobe out. Sad about Game of Thrones too.

  9. Ah, I’m sorry about your plants. Glad you had an amazing time though, holiday blues suck but as you say it’s such a privilege to go away. Ah, another year for Game of Thrones that makes me sad lolz.

    1. We’re just going to have to find other series to keep us going! I’ve been watching the new series of Dr. Foster – oh my goodness it is so addictive!

  10. Sounds like you had an amazing trip and i think more people should step away from social media when they are away and just enjoy the moment for what it is.

    Post travelling blues are always miserable so i hope you settled back home in rainy Belfast quickly x

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