What Not To Worry About #6

What Not To Worry About #6

I’m a little late with my Monday post because I was off work playing Mrs Tour Guide yesterday and so today is really my Monday – oh the joys of a 4 day working week! Our Aussie visitor has been here about¬†10 days now and I’ve been keen to showcase Ireland as much as possible which definitely is not easy in November!


On Saturday I took her around the Navan Fort in Armagh and we walked through the streets I grew up on. It’s always a little strange seeing my home town through the eyes of a¬†visitor, the buildings I took for granted and the little businesses that have managed to survive over the years. Holly was way more impressed with Armagh than I had expected which was a relief!


I took her to mass on Saturday night for Amy’s anniversary which was part and parcel of the full Irish experience of course. She had never been in a chapel before and her face was absolutely hilarious as she tried to follow the congregation as we stood up and sat down a million times. My favourite part was when everyone started exchanging signs of peace (a part of mass that involves shaking hands with one another for any of you heathens out there) and my Auntie just thrusted her hand in Holly’s and forced the handshake as Holly went along with it in pure bewilderment. Catholic traditions are a bit odd so I don’t blame her.


We started off our week with an adventure along the Mourne Coast and took a route I hadn’t been on before which is always a treat. As we came across the mountains, we drove parallel to them down the narrowest of roads while trying to get a good shot through those pesky hedges. I was too busy looking to the right when we’d reached the crest of the hill and I was almost blinded by the Irish Sea sparkling beneath us, the winter sun bouncing off the water in to a million pieces. It was really spectacular and I had to pull the car over for a few minutes to drink the view in and let the gratitude for the moment wash over me.


A great way to start the week is to feel grateful for it and so this week I’m choosing to not let the following get on my goat…


Not owning an iron – (CUE GASP!) – Yes I don’t own an iron and no it’s not for any particular reason other than the fact I can’t be bothered. Ironing bedsheets seems to be such a pointless act and my clothes seem to iron themselves out when I’m wearing them so I honestly feel my time is better utilised in other ways. Also, I’m a lazy bitch.


Making a mistake in work – I can be a little hard on myself at the best of times but when I make a mistake in work I berate myself for ages over it and fear that people might think a little less of me. I am such a people pleaser to the point where it can be a little pathetic and so I need to let myself be OK with a few errors here in there and to come to terms with the fact that perfection is not always a realistic goal.


Wasting a pumpkin – Does anyone else have full intentions of using their Halloween pumpkin for soup and roasting the seeds for a snack? And does anyone actually ever do this? I hope not because once I start carving I no longer see the pumpkin flesh as food and only has inner organs that need to be discarded immediately.


Never finishing a project – I am a professional procrastinator and so I have hundreds of unfinished projects littered about my house e.g. sewing material that was destined to be napkins but have lain in a cupboard for 6 months, a boxful of craft materials I keep meaning to make presents out of, planks of wood that are supposed to be shelves, empty walls that have been begging for mirrors/pictures. One day I will make my way through these tasks but I can’t force the creativity to strike when it ain’t there, y’know?


Not reading enough – Now this is something that’s really been bothering me because I’ve slowly been letting my lunch breaks go and eating at my desk which goes against everything I had preached about here and here. Maybe this is something worth thinking about this week since a moment away from the computer screen at work and before bed would do me a world of good.


I hope you all have a wonderful week and are all tucked away safely from the dark wet evenings. We all complain about it but right now I can’t help but secretly love it!


Have a great one and stay dry!




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