What Not To Worry About #43

Happy Thanksgiving Day to my transatlantic pals!! I hope the turkey is tastin' good and the gravy turned out a tad thicker than aul Trump's hair. I am playing American myself this evening and hosting some friends for my own Friendsgiving dinner with an Irish twist (no marshmallow on sweet potato thank you very much - absolute sacrilege) but most of all I am excited to try making bread rolls for the first time (and wine!), please pray that they turn out well! It seems that the festive season is among us now whether we like it or not. The city Christmas lights have been switched on, the markets have been opened and the TV adverts are making us weep in to our dinners. And do you know what? I think I'm OK with it. Maybe because I've been abnormally organised and have ticked off half of my gift list (who even is this person typing this?!) and now I'm just patiently waiting until the 1st December when I can move my couch from the door that leads to the cupboard under the stairs where all my decorations are stashed. I'm feeling just a little bit excited about untangling the never-ending stream of tree lights (and cursing them when I see there's even more broken than the year before). Covering myself in bits of tinsel while blasting the Christmas music through the house which Andrew will undoubtedly turn down and then I will turn back up again. Unearthing decorations I completely forgot about and then go out and buy even more because there's never enough. Making my own wreath at the dinner table and covering the house in pine needles. Rediscovering my love of red wine (but not the hangovers). Making hot whiskeys for my guests. Baking gingerbread that permeates through the house like a warm hug. Holidays are comin' folks! However you may feel about this time of year, there is no denying that there is just a little bit of magic in the air. The crisp wind bites around our ears and noses as the stars twinkle above us well before we go to bed. The little moments become more meaningful; a cup of tea that warms us up perfectly, a catch up with a mate you haven't seen in ages, wriggling in to clean flannel PJ's after a hot bath. Comforting in the smallest of joys is my favourite thing about winter. Here are a few things I am letting go of this week...

People who put their decorations up in November – usually I give off about this because I am always afraid of being burnt out my Christmas before it even arrives but there is a wee sneaky glee when I've been driving past houses shrouded in festive spirit. The people who celebrate Christmas a little early tend to be the one's that go hell for leather too - wonderfully tacky reindeers and Santa's and elves. I always wonder, how much is their freakin' electric bill?! I am old.

A cough that just won’t quit – I have had the most annoying cough the last few weeks and I have had to sleep propped up like a pensioner otherwise I bark all night which is no fun for anybody. The doctor diagnosed me with tracheitis and said I just have to "ride it out" which is exactly what you want to be prescribed, isn't it? I've been trying ginger tea but if anyone has any other wee old wive's cures then hit them this way please!

Being a wife - now I know I am not a wife but there might be a chance that I will some day and that terrifies the crap out of me. Will I suddenly have to don an apron and be responsible for keeping a tidy home? Being a Mrs. also sounds really weird too and reminds me too much of being a middle-aged teacher. A feminist manifesto from the 1970's resurfaced in this article and I loved how relevant it still is for modern wives - they have to be everything to everyone and that sounds bloody exhausting doesn't it?

Saying no - I talked about the workshop I took part in recently that talked about different personality traits and I discovered, to no surprise, that I am a people pleaser. If you're like me then this time of year can be a struggle because you want to be stuck in with everything but this can be exhausting. This year, while I relish in being around friends and family, I'll also be sure to take a little time to myself too.

Struggling with words - sometimes writing this wee blog can cause me to feel insecure about my words, if they mean something or if they connect with anyone. Reading pieces like this make me fall back in love with writing again.

Enjoy the rest of your week friends!

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I'm Alex, the writer, photographer and creator of The Full Shilling. I started writing as a way to share all my favourite places in Ireland and the list just keeps growing! My aim is that you'll find somewhere new to explore and you'll make some great memories along the way. Happy reading!


  • Alex Donnelly
    3 years ago

    Oh Claire why do lights play havoc every year?! Best idea to chuck them if they're a bit dodgy!

  • Alex Donnelly
    3 years ago

    Exactly Katy!

  • Alex Donnelly
    3 years ago

    Yes to keeping your name Katie! I'm not sure I like the idea of losing my name especially as I come from a family of girls xx

  • Kat &Amp; B
    4 years ago

    It’s funny that you mentioned finding the words because from the very first sentence, I was literally saying to myself how much I love your writing style and how you get a real sense of your personality from it! People please over here, too and also someone who is excited for December 1 which is the earliest I personally would get the decs up. But, hey I know people who have had them up for weeks already! Haha

  • Rhian Westbury
    4 years ago

    I don't think people should be putting up decorations in November, that's the fun about December x

  • Nafisah
    4 years ago

    Great post. Sorry about Your cough. You have inspired me to start putting my thoughts down on what I need to let go of. Christmas is already on full swing in some xxx

  • Jenni
    4 years ago

    As a former Sunday school teacher, and daughter of a church minister, it really drives me crazy when people start celebrating Christmas early. But just as much as the smug people who equate Christmas with the 1st December. Christmas itself doesn't actually start until 25th December. There is a reason Christmas Eve is called Christmas EVE. The start of Advent can fall anywhere between 27th November and 3rd December, so that is the day we put up our decorations and start celebrating (sorry for the rant, it's the opposite of letting it go, lol)

  • Claire
    4 years ago

    I spend 3 hours trying to untangle Christmas tree lights last week and then the wire slipped out a few of the lights. I thought it was best to chuck them as I do not want them to catch fire. I need to start saying no more. I get so much on my plate if not.

  • Pati
    4 years ago

    Id love to put my decs up too , i believe that we all make our own faniky tradition if someone wants to put decorations earlier And that makes them happy thats good x

  • Katy Stevens
    4 years ago

    I love the idea of this! Being a wife definitely doesn't have to mean donning an apron, not unless you want to!

  • Elizabeth
    4 years ago

    Being a wife isn't all it's cracked up to be. If I could turn back the clock 20 years I just wouldn't ever be one. I've just finished reading that article you linked to - fabulously well written an accurate. Sorry to hear about your cough - I've just acquired something too that's left me feverish and shivering as I type this comment... bah, bodies, eh! Still, Christmas is coming, let the festivities begin!

  • Katie
    4 years ago

    I am a huge advocate of saying no! Taking time for yourself is an absolute necessity.

    I agree with the being a wife sentiment. My boyfriend has been bugging me to get married for 10 years but what with the cost, stress and the fact I hate the traditional roles means I keep saying no. Maybe one day I'll relent but it'll be an elopement and I'll be keeping my name.

    Katie xoxo

  • Jessica Anne
    4 years ago

    Such a beautifully written piece. I have been desperate to put my tree up but am trying to resist till December ?.

    Hope your cough improves and your feeling better soon.

    Jessica Anne

  • Lyndsey OHalloran
    4 years ago

    I would actually love to put my Christmas decorations up already but I'm staying strong and holding off

  • Rachel
    4 years ago

    Ergh I have a cough/cold this week too and it starts to get really annoying doesn't it! Good idea to let it go and not worry about it! I agree about the xmas decs too - its too early but lets not let it bother us!

  • Beth
    4 years ago

    Ahh... I still don't understand why people put their decs up in November (or earlier) but if it works for them, ay? We put ours up the weekend after our daughter's birthday which is the 2nd December. :)

    Make sure you take plenty of time for yourself and I hope your cough gets better soon! :D

  • Anna
    4 years ago

    Ohh Alex, I was guided to your blog after your comment on my last post and my eyes filled up reading ‘saying no’ I feel this so bad... saying yes to everyone until I’m completely exhausted and missing out on my own kids!! I’m away to read more but thank you for your words xx

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