What Not To Worry About #8

Yesterday (Sunday) I woke up to the first frost of the winter. I was up a little earlier than the rest of the house and went outside for a wee moment to myself. I walked around our back garden listening to the crunchy grass beneath me and smiled as my breath hung in the air. Crisp mornings like these with the sun still lazily rising in to the sky allow me to appreciate the harshness of winter. Most of the leaves are gone but what's left is the opportunity to start again. While we scurry indoors to protect ourselves from the freezing weather we allow ourselves to replenish the energy we have depleted throughout the year. There's no guilt in feeling like a day has been wasted since it's too cold to venture too far anyway. We lit the fire in the morning which to me is such a novelty and I didn't get out of my jammies the entire day - absolute bliss. The most I did all day was cook a roast dinner as it was our visitors's last Sunday in Ireland and it felt essential we have a feast. The rest of the day was spent under blankets reading and watching movies. Slowing down is no bad thing and it's something I have slowly started to embrace. I have always felt this pressure to do everything and live every moment to the fullest by doing as much as possible. I tend to feel guilty if I sleep in or miss an event but what I'm really missing out on are the moments that are more special than any craft market, road trip or night out. The long breakfasts that roll in to the afternoon with friends and family, the hours spent alone with a book I can't put down, my chats with my Granny. These are the things that matter most. With that in mind, this week I will not rush or put pressure on myself to fit it all in as well as not worrying about... Forgetting To Leave The Bins Out - Which reminds me that bin day is tomorrow. Andrew and I like to blame each other for always forgetting to leave the bin out. I reckon it's his job since he's the last to leave the house and he reckons it's my job since he gives himself about 2 minutes to get ready each morning. I trust you know which side to choose. Never Deleting Emails - I keep telling myself that I'll have a deep cleanse of my email account so my phone will no longer say I have 12000 unopened emails. I'm sure it would be hugely gratifying but honestly I'd rather Pinterest for hours instead. My Fridge Being A Cesspit - I'm currently too afraid to dig deep in to those veggie bins for fear of a spinach swamp because it's been a while since I've had a purge. Since I was a child I was obsessed with laying out the shelves according to food type (meats on one, dairy on one and fruit & veg on one - can you tell I was a chubby kid?!) but right now it's a hot mess. I wince every time I open the door which just means I grab the bottle of wine faster. Being In Constant Fear Of David Attenborough's Life - Because 2016 has been a complete bitch of a year and there's only so much I can take. Sometimes I like to imagine he's my Grandpa and he's reading me a bedtime story to me before I nod off to sleep. That's not uncommon is it? He'd be the best Grandpa. My Daily Self-Diagnoses - That flicker of pain in my head? Definitely an aneurysm caused by my relentless drinking in university. The mole on my back? Yep, definitely cancer because I played it too fast and loose with the suncream in Australia. Pupils a different size? Another aneurysm. Totally screwed. It's a wonder how I get through the day to be honest. Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful weather we're having even if, like me, you're inside for most of the daytime! Make sure and take a dander to enjoy the bit of sun we're getting if you can, even if it feels further away than ever :) Have a great week!
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I'm Alex, the writer, photographer and creator of The Full Shilling. I started writing as a way to share all my favourite places in Ireland and the list just keeps growing! My aim is that you'll find somewhere new to explore and you'll make some great memories along the way. Happy reading!


  • Laura Hughes
    4 years ago

    Brilliant Alex you have a great way with words love your blogs xxx

  • Kate Donnelly
    4 years ago

    Another great blog Alex. I agree it has been a real bitch of a year but today I spread seaweed on the beds at our allotment... to work the soil, smell the seaweed and feel the crisp winter air on your cheeks really does make life worth living and I wish every day was like today. Life is good and I have to agree I would LOVE David Attenborough to be my grandpa too (well maybe not grandpa!!) could listen to him for ever. Keep those blogs coming woman they brighten my day and lift my heart x

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