What Not To Worry About #9

This wee blog has been feeling a tad neglected recently and it’s all because my motivation has completely disintegrated these last few weeks. I’m not sure if it’s because winter has well and truly settled in and dark evenings by the fire are sending me in to a deep coma dominated by tea and chocolate but my energy has been thwarted. I’m also terrible at admitting times when CF is affecting me more than it usually does because I hate feeling the littlest bit defeated but I’m raising the white flag and declaring that I’m wrecked. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed when our health feels jeopardised isn’t it? We turn in to the self-pitying, mummy-needing worst version of ourselves when we’re feeling low and the smallest things can turn in to monsters we want to hide from. I struggle with this because I’m so used to having a headful of plans but again, this is another opportunity to be easier on myself. Winter after all is the season for hibernation and that should be embraced not dreaded! I need to dive deep and pioritise things that make me happy; crafts, baking, reading. Mother Nature and my body are telling me to slow down and it’s about time I listened. It should be no real surprise to me that I’m so knackered because the last month has been manic as I played my role as the hostess with the mostess. Holly, my Aussie visitor (fun fact: she’s actually from New Zealand but she lives in Australia where we met and became besties – probably didn’t need to know that but I felt obligated to share!), was with me for just under a month and because I have this ridiculous need to make people love Ireland as much as I do, I had to show her everything I could. We’ve had trips to Cork, Donegal, the Mournes, Armagh, Belfast and then we flew to Copenhagen for a few days over the weekend (I’ll be writing a separate post about that trip because I need more space to profess my love of the Danes). JAM PACKED. Now that I have packed away my hosting hat, I’m dedicated to spending as much time indoors as possible and wearing flannel pyjamas at every opportunity. This week, as well as allowing myself to get over this low spell, I refuse to let the following bother me… Christmas Decorations – I reckon there are a group of elves somewhere with their wee houses littered with lost decorations. Where do they go?? And why, in a whole string of lights, is there one pesky bulb that decides to not work?? Just cover up the dark patches with more baubles I say. Can’t have too many baubles. Wrinkles - They seem to have come out of nowhere but now when I see photos of myself all I can see are eyebags that take up my entire face. What's even more depressing is that this is only the beginning (wah!) so I guess I'll be making a hefty purchase of Olay this Christmas or whatever potions the aul dolls are buying these days. Infant Neighbours - We live next door to a very cute human called Heidi. Heidi is two now and just loves to wake up at 6am to tell us stories from the other side of the wall using noises which can only be described as a cat being strangled. Heidi is on thin ice. Pop Music - As well as wrinkles making me feel ancient, the crap that's on the radio is driving me mental! I've now entered the Radio 2 phase which must mean I'm officially past it. What I can also listen to quite happily is Breakfast Republic on RTE 2FM - the hosts have me in stitches every morning which makes me look like a crazed woman in the early rush hour. If you haven't listened to the show - DO IT! Email Etiquette - In my job I have to email some pretty intimidating big wigs and when they reply with LOL or :) or mwah, I haven't a notion what to do next! Should I give a wink? LMFAO?? The pressure is too much. I hope your week is wonderful and festive! I'm just after watching Andrew bake a yule log and I get to lick the bowl so everything is looking up here!
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